The Right Way Podcast Episode 2

Introducing the ‘Right Way’ podcast!

Episode 2

On the second episode of the Right Way Credit Union Podcast Paula, our Marketing and Communications Exec chatted with Kevin Duffy, who is Partnership Manager – Scotland for the Money and Pensions Service (MAPS).

At the Money & Pensions Service their mission is to help people – particularly those most in need – to improve their financial wellbeing and build a better, more confident future. Working collaboratively across the UK, we make sure customers can access high-quality money and pensions guidance and debt advice throughout their lives, how and when they need it.”

On the episode Kevin talks about the MAPS ‘UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing’ and how this is being delivered in Scotland.

Kevin also chats about the services that the Money Helper website provides and how this can help our members. For more information on the products and services that Right Way Credit Union provide or if you’d like to join, visit

It is our hope that the information brought to show by MAPs will help start a conversation around financial wellbeing and what this looks like for members. MAPs have specifically developed a strategy based around financial wellbeing and they will be discussing how this is being delivered in Scotland. MAPs will inform our members of the services that they currently provide and how our members can access them.

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