Savings Accounts

Saving Accounts

Everyone benefits from regular saving; it allows you to work towards your goals and gives peace of mind for emergencies. 

Regular saving can be difficult but at Right Way Credit Union it’s easy, with local access at convenient times and places. 

There are many ways in which you can pay into your credit union account; you can make deposits by setting up a standing order, or pay in using cash in one of our offices. 

Please note, that for your account to be considered ‘Active’ we require members to be regularly saving and have at least a minimum of £5 in your account. If you are not regularly saving your account will be made ‘Dormant’ and the Credit Union will begin the Dormant Procedure Process. For more information or if you have any questions, please email

The credit union also offers ‘Payroll Savings’; this is when you can save directly from your pay. If this is something you may be interested in, check to see if your employer is one of our partners. If your employer isn’t one of our partners speak to your employer to see if this would be something they would be interested in and send us an email to  

If you have online banking you can set the standing order up yourself, please click here for more information. 

 Payment Reference – Membership Number

 *Please Note: You MUST use your membership number as the payment reference. Failure to provide a payment reference will result in a delay of the standing order being processed. If you are unsure of what your membership number is, please send the office an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay in as little as £2 per week but you need to keep a minimum of £5 in your account, and be regularly saving for your account to be considered active, if not your account will be made ‘Dormant’ and the Credit Union will begin the Dormant Procedure Process. For more information, please email

The maximum a member can save is 1.5% of total share or (based on figures February 2023) £63,000 whichever is the greatest.

Members can withdraw from their savings account online, over the phone and in one of our branches. 

*Please note that from 1st of October 2020 Right Way Credit Union will be limiting the amount of share withdrawals from a member’s S1 account to thirteen per year. For more information, please contact the office by emailing

Online/Telephone share withdrawals will be paid into members nominated bank account, this is the account that the credit union have on file for you. If you wish to check this information before requesting a share withdrawal you can call the office on 0141 889 7442.

Please note: Share withdrawals will not be processed If you do not have a nominated bank account. If you need to update or change your nominated bank details please call the office on 0141 889 7442.

Share withdrawals can only be actioned by the account holder, should you wish to register a Power of Attorney please see links below as guidance on what legal documentation we will accept.

When you have a loan running your savings are held as security against your loan, this means that no share withdrawals can be processed whilst your loan balance is higher than your savings balance, for more information please send us an email to

Yes. Right Way Credit Union is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority Firm Ref: 446350. As part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) your savings up to £85,000 are safe”