Member Notice Loans 30.05.23

Due to a sharp increase in demand for lending, the Directors and Management Team at Right Way Credit Union have temporarily reduced the max loan applied for to £7,500 (Total Balances of ALL loans cannot exceed £7500).

This is to ensure that we can help as many people as possible.

When applying for a loan, please be mindful that you only use it for what you need and that a contribution to savings will be built in as part of your loan repayment.

While repaying your loan, your Share 1 account is locked until the savings are more than you owe.

No loan is guaranteed, and we encourage members NOT to spend the money before they have it.

Failure to repay loans takes money from other members of the credit union and the wider community.

At Right Way Credit Union, our goal is to promote financial resilience via savings and ethical borrowing via loans and encourage thrift amongst the members and wider community by building and maintaining a robust credit union service.

Thank you for your support via membership!