Cost of Living Crisis

Not another Cost-of-Living-Crisis blog post…

I know we are all sick of hearing about it, but life is getting harder and not getting easier anytime soon, so I thought I would dedicate this post to tips and tricks on budgeting better and saving money.

I hope it helps.

My blog is about life as a Credit Union CEO, the ups, downs, rewards, and sometimes real challenges and now is arguably one of the most challenging times for our members financially.

If you haven’t already, please check out my previous posts, From Volunteer to CEO, The Satisfaction of Saving and Credit from a Credit Union, all of which have some tips and hints about saving, borrowing, and volunteering.

We are all sick of hearing how hard life is getting, and we know we are living it with rising fuel costs, increases in mortgage/rent payments and not to mention the cost of food, but what can we do in practical terms to make our money go a little further?

We know from experience that many people have tight control over expenditures or how to reduce them. At Right Way Credit Union, we are creating a Financial Wellness Hub as part of our support to members. It is still in early development but we already have a section to help our member budget and get to grips with their spending. If you need help setting a budget and controlling spending, we are working on training staff to help you to create a workable budget that you can use every month, and when you need a little extra for summer holidays or Christmas, we can help with that too.

We have also partnered with In Best to deliver a benefit check calculator for anyone to use for free on our website; check It out here to see if you are entitled to any benefits you’ve not been claiming.

Check out our Podcast, which has excellent tips and advice from Home Energy Scotland on how to save money on fuel costs or feed your family dinner for around £20 a week.

Paula Dinnett & Lorna Cooper (Feed your Family for around £20 per week)

On a more personal note, I’ve recently turned into my Dad and been running around the house, turning off the lights and any socket that doesn’t need to be on. The kids are being told to “get a jumper on” if they are cold, and my new favourite phrase is “Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know”.

A top tip I recently discovered was selling loads of unworn or too big/small clothes on Vinted, which saved a small fortune.

I am decluttering while earning money AND recycling. As someone who loves shopping, this is a great way to shop without spending money. I set myself a goal only to spend the money I have earned from items I have sold to buy the things we might need or want. I recently got a brand-new pink blazer from Next for RRP £45, and I got it for £25 with the tags still on… best thing was I had sold old shoes that I never wear (I cant walk in heels anymore) so had the money already in the account win-win.

I am dying to know new and exciting ways to save money always.

Times are touch there is no doubt but there are small things we can do to get by…. Please share your idea in the comment section so we can all benefit.