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Open Morning

Monday 05th Feb, 2018

Join us on Wednesday 14th February at Asbury Court Linwood.

We’re holding an open morning to tenants of Asbury court and the surrounding areas of Linwood. The open morning will take place from 10am – 1pm and will promote Renfrewshire-Wide Credit Unions Linwood outreach that takes place every Monday morning from 10am- 11.30am at Belmar Court Community Hub.

So, whether you are looking to start saving some money or want to find out a bit more information about the products and services that are available, pop in and have a chat with us on Wednesday 14th February. 

For more information please call the office on 0141 889 7442 or send us an email to info@rwcu.co.uk.

Asbury Court

Click here for more informaiton about our Linwood collection 

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