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Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union joins forces with University West of Scotland

Thursday 17th Mar, 2016

Raising awareness of Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union

Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union joins forces with University West of Scotland

On Thursday 29th of October RWCU will be attending University west of Scotland to work alongside the funding and advice team as part of the universities ‘money advice’ campaign. The campaign will encourage students to plan ahead and start saving.

The funding team at UWS work very hard throughout the year to ensure that students can study without having to stress about their financial situation. During the month long campaign the funding team want to encourage students to save for their summer as well as their future. RWCU will be working with UWS to promote sensible saving; being a member of a credit union allows the students to have access to all the different products and services. Students can become members, save regularly and then access an ethical loan that could help them during the summer or after they have completed their studies.

A credit union is a ‘Mutual’ organisation, this means that it is owned by its members and all the benefits are for the members alone, keeping the money in Renfrewshire for the benefit of the people of Renfrewshire. As the money is being kept in Renfrewshire for the benefit of members it means that we are able to offer affordable loans at fair rates of interest to meet every day needs.


Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union will be and have been working closely with the UWS funding department over the months to raise awareness of the saving options that are available to students and raise awareness of the credit union movement that is taking place. RWCU will be at the university from 11am – 2pm on Thursday 29th October.



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