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Loan Repayments (COVID-19)

Wednesday 01st Apr, 2020

At Right Way Credit Union, we pride ourselves on putting our members needs at the core of our business.  

During this worrying time of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 we want our members to know that your local credit union is on hand to help and support you in whatever way we can.  

We understand that in these unprecedented times that many of our members will be facing financial hardship. We would ask that if you are struggling to make upcoming loan repayments due to a reduction of income, that you contact us immediately so we can help find a solution. 

If you can continue to make loan payments, please do as we also have staff and a business to maintain. 

By working together, we can survive this! 

You can call us on 0141 889 7442, you can send us an email to info@rwcu.co.uk and you can contact us via secure messaging on our Mobile App where we can discuss possible flexible payment arrangements regarding your loan for the coming months.  

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