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Attention Students!

Friday 08th Jan, 2016

Money saving checklist...

Student Money saving checklist…

It’s that time of year again; Freshers15 is vast approaching and you are counting down the minutes until SAAS put your student loan in to your bank account. Before you go crazy and spend the whole week of Freshers15 on a shopping spree or buying jelly shots at the student union, don’t blow it. Follow our money saving checklist and become a savvy saver.


You could even open a Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union savings account and then gain access to our loan products and services while you are studying, giving you the opportunity to spend your summer building up your CV with the financial stability of having savings. There are also lots of volunteer opportunities that will look fantastic on a CV such as customer service and financial skills.








We hope these tips have helped and wish you the best of luck with your course. We will be attending #Freshers15 fair at UWS on Wednesday 16th September 2015! Hope to see you all there.



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