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Barsail School Credit Union

Thursday 17th Mar, 2016

by Kimberley Clark, parent helper at Barsail Primary School

Barsail Credit Union started with the input of Renfrewshire-Wide Credit Union. A competition was held to design the saving book that each child uses when they deposit money. This helped to raise the profile of the credit union so that the children knew exactly what it was all about. Information letters were sent to parents and application forms given out. 

The weekly collection of the credit union is run by the children themselves. Primary 6 take the opportunity to be involved as part of their Maths lesson. They update the savings book, fill in the bank paperwork and issue receipts. As they see the amounts deposited and saved by other children in the school, this encourages them to open accounts of their own. 

At Primary 1 induction days, the Primary 6 children do a presentation to new parents about the benefits of the credit union. We have seen a huge increase in the members from the lower end of the school following this initiative. The children we have are regular savers which shows that joining up in Primary 1 does definitely nurture the saving habit.

Now that the Local Council have opened this up to continue beyond primary school with the introduction of the £10 credit to primary school leavers, they can hopefully go on to continue to save in their credit union accounts. 

As a parent-helper, we oversee the Primary 6 children to ensure the collection runs smoothly and do the cashing up at the end. Although I no longer have children in primary education, I continue to offer my help to this very worthwhile, educational project.  

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